We’ve already told you about our commitments. Now we want to show you that it’s not just words. So, sit back comfortably in your seat with a nice cup of tea, because we’re going to tell you about everything we’ve been doing!
Positive news
of the month

At Pimkie’s, step by step, we make sure to decrease our environmental impact. So we say NO to plastic bags and YES to 100% recycled tote bags, designed, waved and made in France … &wonderful, no ? All this in two sizes and in blue or beige ! For all tastes and needs ! Be the best ambassadors for our tote bags and take them with you on any shopping trip!

>> 100% recycled tote bag & 100% solidarity

- composition : 100% recycled fibers (cotton and polyester from plastic bottles)
- GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard)
- 100% Made in France
- made by Les Tissages de Charlieu which promotes the professional integration of people with disabilities


The company Les Tissages de Charlieu, implemented since 1902, uses ancestral techniques to wave in 3D, locally, high quality sustainable products. They contributes, in this way, to job retention in Rhône-Alpes area (France) and to the transmission of local know-how : ¾ of our bags confection are made on a loom.

- 100% of the electricity used by the factory comes from hydroelectric dams from Savoie, and the heat from the production process is reused to heat the offices
- All waste related to office activity is recycled thanks to a partnership with a professional reintegration company

Forever Fashion
for real girls

You like playing the beauty queen and the rebel: you create your own looks in your own way, you like to push the boundaries and you’re committed to causes close to your heart. You’re part of the Pimkie team! Today, we want to help you make the change from fast fashion to forever fashion and reduce your environmental impact, with vintage pieces from our new RE.love concept. You can shop for second-hand items, learn about upcycling, get advice on caring for, repairing and customising your clothes... More than just a cool thrift store, our shops guarantee a fun and unique concept with a 100% positive impact. We can’t wait to see you there!

Style and sustainability
at super low prices

Assert your own style with designs at small prices! And we’ll even give you a helping hand: every week, we’ll find stylish, vintage pieces that you can buy by the kilo! Unique clothes at a unique price so you can keep creating new looks which reflect your personality. It's fun and easy to do: we select the clothes, you shop and then weigh the items you find. In a nutshell, you can have a really cool time, treat yourself to new stuff at low prices and you are aligned with your values.

Hot new vintage pieces are waiting in store

RE.use, RE.wear, RE.love fashion! This is about love in sustainable fashion mode. With RE.love, you can find vintage gems from Japan, discovered with our partner Eureka Fripe, and create ultra-stylish, totally unique looks. Your new future vintage faves are waiting for you at Pimkie! You’ll find the RE.love shop in those cities:



We give our equipment and unsold products to the social integration association, such as La Sauvegarde du Nord or D2R, wçhich support people in vulnerable economic, social and medical situations. We also make punctual donations of equipment such as hangers and racks, which very often makes it possible to participate in the opening of solidarity shops, such as the Trouvailles de Marlène, in the North of France. We also donate our “second-choice” products to other associations, like Le Relais in France.

“Second-choice” products

“Second-choice” products are damaged items. But just because these products are damaged, it doesn’t mean they’re unusable, so we donate them to associations, or sell them to discount stores. In any case, above all, the Pimkie philosophy is not to destroy any item, except if it proves hazardous. To give you some exact figures, we only destroyed 59,000 products in 2018, 47,000 in 2019 and 41,000 in 2020 due to problems that made the product unfit for consumption.

Fabric swatch holders and development samples

Fabric swatch holders are items used by suppliers to present their range of fabrics. Since 2015, we’ve been donating these damaged fabric swatch holders and development samples to Lille Sud Insertion. The association uses them to repair defective products and to give them a second life. Its aim is to help women excluded from the job market to find work.

We recycle our waste with ELISE

ELISE is a network that is actively involved in reducing companies environmental impact while creating sustainable and local jobs for people struggling to find work or who have a disability. Since June 2020, 3 tonnes of waste of all kinds have been sorted with ELISE collection bins! That's why we chose this network. ELISE also helps us with waste management related to recent health measures, like disposal of masks and gloves.

and unsold goods
Pimkie Positive
Zero single-use plastic policy

At our head office, there are no plastic cups in the coffee machines, everyone is given a Made in France mug on arrival! If you’ve been to one of our stores recently, you may have noticed that our checkout bags are made from recycled paper and manufactured in Marseille. We also offer tote bags made from 100% recycled materials, made in France in workshops employing people with disabilities. All checkout bags and gift bags are made from recycled paper or come from sustainably managed forests.

I’d like a tote bag

Pimkie Positive logistics

It's been a while that our goal is to keep the ratio of orders shipped by planed up to 10% maximum. We've said it before and we'll say it again: we want to do more to limit our carbon footprint by optimising the transportation used to deliver products to our stores, for example. The same is true of the parcels we send you: it may well be that soon, we’ll be using envelopes made from 100% recycled paper, coming from eco-managed forests, or that are reusable. We want to completely ban single-use plastic by 2030 at the latest, and to reduce our waste in general.

Raising awareness
among our
Quality of the work environment

At Pimkie head office, bikes are provided free of charge for employees who want to travel in an eco-friendly and economic way during breaks or to use as a link to public transport. What’s more, since 2017, long before the pandemic, employees at the head office have the option of working from home on a weekly basis. Since the health crisis, they’ve been able to work from home up to 3 days a week. This helps reduce their ecological footprint while improving their quality of life!

Every year, activities based on sustainable development stakes are also organised during European Sustainable Development Week. Tips on sustainability, challenges, conferences and DIY workshops are all scheduled at these important events!

In 2020, we were also involved in World Clean Up Day for the first time, which consists of litter collecting in the wild and recycling it, and the Cyber World Clean Up Day to reduce digital pollution.